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Thursday, September 30, 2010

To date or not to date

At what point in life does dating become purposeful? By that, I mean when do we hit that point at which we say if we can’t see ourselves with someone for the long term, what’s the point?  Is it after high school? After college? 

Does dating someone that you started dating in high school change things? As you both grow and develop, certain traits will become clear.  If someone continues a bad habit from high school or hasn’t gotten over something that you thought they would by now, we struggle with whether that should be the breaking point for the relationship.  That one thing can be a deal breaker even for a relationship that’s stayed strong through a few years already.  Why is that?  Is it good that now we are mature enough to look forward to the future already about what we can and cannot handle from our significant others? Or, should we just have fun with relationships and not worry about it while we are in college?

Not everyone, but many girls are looking more and more seriously at a guy before dating him. More so now than in high school, we ask ourselves questions about his lifestyle, his perspectives on relationships, his family, etc.  For my friends and me, we don’t want to put in the effort to a relationship that we don’t see potential in.  

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