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Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Holidays!


Leave a fairy tale princess at home alone for three days and what does she do? Fill her days with TLC's Say Yes to the Dress and A Baby Story.  

While conscious of the fact that there are multiple years before her time to walk down the aisle, it's never too early to get excited, right?

When I'm not watching TLC over winter break, I fill my time with friends and family.

At home with friends from high school, I cherish the amount of history we all have together.  Our group of guy friends and girl friends is so close and comfortable, which if you knew us would be a bit surprising.  With six main guy friends and six of us girls, it can be a bit complicated. At some point throughout the last six years, each of us had a significant other in the group.  While the amount of time together ranges from one month to five years, we all continue to come home each break and reunite happily as one big happy group. 

During this particular break, the girls and I, of course, discussed the future.  Two of our friends have been dating on and off for almost five years.  Everyone dubbed this couple, juniors in college now, as most likely to get married to each other if any of us do.  PIcturing our own wedding days, we each talked about all of us staying close in the next ten years as we each get married.  Without a doubt, these girls are ones that will be included in my wedding day.  Then, the topic came up of inviting our guy friends to the weddings.  Is it feasible to think that an ex-boyfriend of five years (or of any extended amount of time) would feel comfortable at your wedding?  What about if he is your best friend?  

I wonder if there is a way to successfully transition old beaus from high school to true best friends.  Once we date someone and interweave them into our lives and friendships, we want to keep them in our lives.  Are we making our lives more complicated by not fully cutting ties? Or, are we keeping around rich relationships full of history that will add to our lives? Who will be in our lives when we say yes?

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